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Signal Processing

Processing of RF signals 

Within our Signal Processing business line, we study and develop algorithms and technologies that are used in low-power signal detection, isolation, characterisation, classification, and localisation. These can be applied in various industries and fields of science, for example, in Earth Observation satellites to detect and filter out anthrophogenic signals (interference), in telecommunications to monitor the use of the electromagnetic spectrum, and in electronic warfare for signal intelligence and electronic support measures (ESM). Real-time, efficient, light weight, and resource-friendly digital signal processing algorithms and technologies are required in all applications. Some of our reference projects are presented below. We are currently active in the development of:

  • detection of low-power anthrophogenic signals from background noise
  • efficient detection of low-probability-of-interception (LPI) signals
  • machine learning in signal classification
  • cost-effective emitter localisation from small satellite constellations
  • resource-friendly signal classification methods 
Some of our reference projects are presented below. 

RFI processor 

Interference counteraction simulator in GALILEO service scenarios  

Signal detection and emitter localization